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This FREE challenge is to help you reach your goals around food and body, but it has nothing to do with diet. This was put together to help you find some peace with the relationship you have with your body.

It teaches you how to take yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in order to see change in your life. It’s the small steps that count when it comes to building a positive relationship with your body that makes a huge difference!


This Challenge is a great pick for you if:

  • You are new to body image work and are ready to try something new

  • You struggle with self-hate and feeling comfortable in your skin

  • You’re tired of feeling like your weight dictates your happiness

  • You want to be able to feel good about yourself and your body

  • You want to work on your body image but are unsure what steps you need to take


With this is challenge, you will receive an email every day for 7 days with tips on how to have a better relationship with yourself and with your body.

These emails will NOT ask you to push or punish yourself and they will not ask you to guilt or shame yourself in any way. Instead, I am asking you to find space to be patient and kind to yourself and your body. I am challenging you to love yourself just as you are, if not every day, at least for these 7 days.

The tips you will receive will help you to build a foundation of self-love. Because that is key in finding a place where you can feel comfortable and confident in who you are and with your body.


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