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Tip Tuesday

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Are you an on again off again dieter? Are you growing tired and aggravated with yourself and the world for feeling like your a failure because you’re always on diet? Going on diet after failing diet can be a constant roller coaster, yet it can be really scary and really hard to get off of that ride. With today’s tip I’m asking you to do just that, get off the never ending cycle and experience what life is really about by putting yourself on a no diet, diet.


As women, dieting is a way of life. We grew up seeing our mothers trying out another new diet with constant wins as well as constant fails. We grew up seeing the women in our family chatting about the diet that they were on at that time. 

I eventually inherited the diet mindset. As I stepped onto the never ending roller coaster I felt like I was losing my mind. I became fearful of food and hated that my body never looked how I wanted it to look. Nothing was ever good enough and I was never satisfied. 

Diets would always send me into a binge and the only way to stop binging every day was to go off of the diet. I would feel better for a while but then, I would feel like I had failed and started to think I wasn’t strong enough. So, I would jump back onto the roller coaster and start the ride again. 

How I ended up getting off was simple. I stopped dieting for good. 

When I did this I was able to focus on the the things that truly mattered to me in life. I was able to look deep within me and find all of the things I was passionate about and wanted to do in this life. 

Now, going on a no diet, diet is not always so easy for people. It can be really scary to let go of obsessing over the food you put in your mouth and letting go of how you “want” your body to look. But, honestly your body will always go back to where it is most comfortable and you can not control that.

So, how do you go on a No Diet, Diet?

Pick a day to drop the diet and have a journal ready. Once you drop the diet, take note of how you feel. Then, once you feel all the feels start to write all your dreams and desires that you want to accomplish in this life. One important place to start when you are journaling is to start where you are. Write down what is going well in your life. What are the things that you love in your life right now. 

Then, take time to write down things in your life that you would like to change. This does not include changing your body! You are only writing the things that you want to do in your life. Once you have them all written out, you are going to choose one thing that you have always wanted to do and you will work on doing just that. Once you have accomplished that one thing, you move on to the next. 

Redirecting your focus form a diet mindset to the things that truly matter to you will bring your true purpose to the forefront of your life.

Choose to go on a No Diet, Diet and see how much more enjoyable your life can be.