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We come in all beautiful shapes and sizes and no one person is exactly alike. That’s what makes us so unique! It is time that we celebrate our uniqueness instead of disapproving and criticizing our bodies.


We tend to put our happiness off into the future telling ourselves that we can’t possibly be happy until we look a certain way. Because we think looking a certain way means that we are healthy. This is not true. You can achieve health and happiness now when you start to accept your body the way it is.


When we don’t accept our body the way it is we end up falling into unhealthy patterns such as, chronic dieting that leads nowhere, binge eating that leaves us feeling ashamed, and we can even form a distorted image of our body that can leave us with a constant negative way of thinking about ourselves.




The Programs

With my programs, there will be no punishing, shaming, or deprivation. Instead, these programs welcome pleasure, encouragement, nourishment, forgiveness, and self-love. The only thing that I will ask of you is to be open and embrace your issues around food & body in order to allow yourself to grow.